We record Nerds Drinking every week on Wednesday nights at 8 PM CST and release the audio only episode the following Friday/Saturday depending on our schedules.

We often live stream this recording via our youtube channel. Once the live recording broadcast has been stopped the video will become private and will be released the following Wednesday afternoon.

We do some post processing on the audio mix to clean up any delays and to remove dead time during our break. For the best listening experience we recommend you download the audio via your favorite Podcast application or listen via our web player. If you’re interested in “how the sausage is made” the video is a good look at what you don’t hear on the released Podcast episodes.

Our schedule is subject to change without notice based on our real life schedules and the possibility of a local brewery having an amazing keg freshly tapped. We’ll update our social media as soon as we know we’ll have to miss a recording date.

Schedule Calendar:

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